Rodents & Wildlife

Urban wildlife relies on our homes and surrounding environments to survive. With growing development, these animals have taken shelter in our neighborhoods and commercial properties. We are expert trappers and will resolve your issue in a thorough, humane and timely manner.

Century Pest Control has a reputation of problem solving capabilities for nuisance wildlife, birds and bats. Along with being a popular choice for pest control in San Antonio since 1973, Century Pest Control is a specialist in damage repair and expert installers of bird and bat control products.

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Trapping service and Exclusion rule:

Interior issues result from an animal discovering entry points. Trapping alone aids in removing current activity or discouraging animals from continuing interior activity as we invade their living areas with traps and human odors. Ultimately to resolve any animal issue is to remove it and seal the access. The estimate includes a complete evaluation.

All sealing work is warranted for one year to keep animals from penetrating. If new activity is gained through our work we will return to repair and trap if necessary.

Wild Animals

Most animals can carry diseases and can be very dangerous if they enter households or businesses. If you are experiencing random holes, burrows, foliage damage, roof damage, vent damage, horrible odors, feces, noises and potential fire damage from chewed electrical wire, you may be experiencing a problem with wild animals.


Century Pest Control will provide you with a safe and humane trapping program for wild animals such as raccoons, opossums, skunks and squirrels. We gently relocate them back into the wild. Diseased, injured and defenseless young are released to wildlife rescue agencies. We are expert structure sealers and can repair damage back to its original condition or use conventional materials and camouflage the appearance to blend with the background.

Animal Exclusion

Century Pest Control performs a variety of animal exclusions to all types of structures such as; closing entry points, damage repair, habitat modification, bird & bat roost prevention and nest removal. Century Pest Control also offers insect exclusions which manages seasonal interior insect activity. This can reduce the impact of chemical agents in the environment by lessening intervals of pest control treatments.


Rodents frequently invade structures due to the enabling habitat surrounding it. Rodents are considered vectors of disease and are very destructive. They should be considered a destructive environmental element just like excessive moisture, vegetation, or decay is to a structure. These elements left unopposed will eventually weaken and destroy the integrity of the structure. Century Pest Control provides a variety of rodent management services.


Sparrows, Pigeons and Swallows commonly nest and roost on overhead ledges, signs, awnings and covered breezeways. Unfortunately, these roosting and nesting areas are typically found above points of entry to and from the structure. This results in a quick accumulation of feces on the ground below. This is most hazardous due to foot traffic which carries this indoors repeatedly and when dried becomes a particulate that is breathed in. Century Pest Control installs physical deterrents such as spikes, ledge wire and netting. We are very knowledgeable in many other tools available and will recommend the best choice for your situation.


An opening 3/8 of an inch or larger is sufficient for bats to enter a structure. A vertical or horizontal crevice of this size is ideal for roosting. The most common roosting areas are rain gutters, roofline splash guards, down spouts and louver vents. Century Pest Control can identify bat roosts, remove bats safely, and effectively seal off these areas to provide years of prevention.